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Grants Services Division (GSD)
The Grants Services Division enables city departments through a myriad of grant-related services including assisting departments in developing a needs assesment for grant funding; identifying potential funding sources through eCivis (a purchased grants search network that provides the most current information on available federal, state, local and foundation funding sources); communicating with funding agencies on questions or concerns regarding grant applications; reviewing grant applications to ensure required documents are available for grant submission; review budgets for accuracy; route grant for appropriate signatures; initiate grantwriter/department staff meetings to outline tasks; coordinating a grant development team of subject matter experts to assist in the development of a grant; provide internal assistance in writing grants and other forms of assistance as necessary. 

Capacity Building

The GSD organizes various trainings and workshops throughout the year to help strengthen department capacity for grant writing and grant seeking. Some of the workshops provided by the GSD are: 
  • Grant Writing – usually facilitated by individuals who work in the private sector with vast success in grant development. Participants are provided with experiential workshops that allow hands-on training in the development of a grant application. 
  • Grant Seeking – usually provided by the GSD or by eCivis, the City’s grant network provider. The training offers participants the opportunity to enter a profile that will allow them to seek funding specific to the needs of the department.
  • Logic Modeling – usually provided by grant sponsors. This workshop is experiential in nature and participants get to develop a logic model in class.
  • – provided by the U.S. Census Bureau. Helps participants navigate and map needed data through the complex US Census system
Community Outreach

GSD provides eCivis services to a maximum of 50 community-based, not-for-profit organizations free of charge. Providing this service helps the City of El Paso increase revenues, bring needed programs and services and stimulates the overall economy by providing more jobs. CBOs can apply to receive this service by signing an agreement with the Office of the Comptroller Department GSD.

Identifying Your Funds Needs

Before you or the GSD begin researching funding opportunities for your Department, you may first want to identify the type of funding you need. The GSD will focus grant searches to identify funding opportunities specifically to meet your Department's needs.

The Grant Process - How City Departments May Apply for a Grant

Suppose you have an idea or a project that needs funding, or you learn about a grant opportunity from GSD or any other source that could fund your project? The GSD will guide you through the easy steps to make your grant idea into a completed application.

Grants Management Manual

The Grants Services Division guidelines forms, policies and procedures are in the manual located in the Department Resources Materials on this website.
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