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Accounts Payable
The Accounts Payable (AP) Division is a functional division within the City of El Paso’s Office of the Comptroller, which provides organizational leadership, guidance, and operational control for the City’s departments. It strongly centers on the objectives, goals and policies set forth by the City of El Paso.

FSD makes every effort to obtain the maximum ultimate value of each dollar of expenditure by encouraging departments to take discounts offered by vendors and process payments for goods or services no later than 30 days from date of invoice, in order to avoid prompt interest fees and thus, comply with the Prompt Payment Law which is mandated by State Law.

The City maintains a decentralized organizational structure where each department has the authority to pay and meet vendor obligations for non-payroll disbursements. The FSD’s Accounts Payable directs and manages the timely and accurate payment of all invoices, request for payments, travel vouchers, miscellaneous payment vouchers, etc. for goods received and services rendered, by successfully running the systems processes. Payments are generated as: Checks and or Direct Deposits (ACH) to the vendor’s bank accounts.

The Accounts Payable Division encompasses the following services:
  • Process Vouchers and Journal entries for some City Departments as needed
  • Process the check run for all City obligations
  • Ensure timely Direct Deposit (ACH) file transmission to the Bank for vendor payments
  • Month-end and Year-end closing
  • Process vouchers for pension refunds for Pension Administration
  • Assist in the vendor set-up
  • Prepare year end forms, 1099M’s, for vendor payments
  • Answer B-Notices required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
  • Customer Service
  • Process voids and reissues at the request of the department
  • Ensure vouchers  are posted to the general ledger accounts
The Office of the Comptroller makes every effort to empower and motivate employees to be productive and successful by providing continuous training of PeopleSoft’s AP modules and encouraging professional development.
The Accounts Payable area is also responsible for maintaining and coordinating records management for the FSD.
  • Provide quarterly training to new users and employees that have problems with the system
  • Provide guidance and answers to the voucher system
  • Provide copies of the policies and procedures
Fiscal Operations Manager Juanita Gardea (915) 212-1164
Senior Accountant Jesus Garcia (915) 212-1146
Senior Accounting Payroll Specialist Martha Contreras (915) 212-1169
Customer Service
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