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Traffic Engineering


The responsibility of the Traffic Engineering Division is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of persons and goods in the City of El Paso. The division provides for traffic engineering design, operation and maintenance of the Traffic Management Center, and transportation planning.

The Traffic Engineering Division is separated into three core sections, Traffic Design Division, Transportation Management Center (TMC) and Transportation Planning Division.

Traffic Design Division

The Traffic Design Division is responsible for various traffic engineering functions including traffic signals, school flashers, plan preparation, geometric design, traffic engineering studies, field investigations and subdivision plats. Also oversees the review of zoning cases and the review and preparation of traffic control pans and roadway illumination.

Transportation Management Center

The TMC oversees the operation of the City’s Transportation Management Center Computerized Signal System. The system includes the signal timing and coordination for approximately 500 traffic signals. Also includes remote operations from the Management Center in City Hall for 260 of these signals with the ability to expand the system for all signals within the city.

Traffic Engineering


Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program was adopted by the City Council as a way to target solutions to residential traffic concerns while simultaneously providing opportunities to enhance neighborhood livability and aesthetics. This comprehensive program – a compilation of several community meetings and research from national best practices – was designed to address objectives to include:

All applications received will be rated competitively for available funding consideration.

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