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Resurfacing / this week Schedule

Week of 02-25-2013 - Street Resurfacing 2013

Complete: Paving completed some detail work may remain

Scheduled: Denotes the streets which are scheduled to have work started within the next 30 days

In Progress: Denotes Streets where work is underway

Programmed: Included in the Project but not scheduled

* Operations were delayed due to utility work by other departments.
** Denotes that work on these streets may also include Night, Saturday and Sunday work.
*** Operations delayed due to base and/or sub-grade work


Project Street Name From To District Status
2012 SPIRITUS Pinar del Rio Pinar del Rio 1 Complete
2012 ALETHEA PARK Mesita Moore 1 Complete
2012 FLAMINGO Stanton O'Keefe 1 Complete
2012 OKEEFE Stanton Stanton 1 Complete
2012 PARK DRIVE Baltimore Cincinnati 1 Complete
2012 WALNUT Denver Missouri 8 Complete
2012 CUMMINS Alameda Cul-de-Sac 3 Complete
2012 WILLOW MIlls Magofin 8 Complete
2012 TRINIDAD Wedgewood Zanzibar 5 Complete
2012 SAMOA Heather Bermuda 5 Complete
2012 GUIDO Saint Johns Cardon 2 Complete
2012 W H BURGES Bellrose Juniper 3 Complete
2012 STONEHAVEN Montwood McRae 7 Complete
2012 NASHVILLE Gateway South Dead End 2 Complete


Project Street Name From To District Status
2013 DEBEERS Ambassador Mackinaw 4 In Progress
2012 ECHO Moonlight Hercules 4 In Progress
2013 JUNCTION Kellogg Gateway South 4 In Progress
2013 KELLOGG Winthrop Tropicana 4 In Progress


Project Street Name From To District Status
2012 BOONE Rosa Rivera 3 Programmed
2012 GALLAGHER Heid Mauer 7 Programmed
2012 LONE STAR Socorro Padilla 6 Programmed
2012 MAXWELL Dyer Diana 2 Programmed
2012 OCHOA Paisano Ninth 8 Programmed
2013 ABILENE Cermac Shenandoah 4 Programmed
2013 ALCAN Sun Valley Fairbanks 4 Programmed
2013 BOBCAT Bomarc Dead End 4 Programmed
2013 CURLEW Debeers Tropicana 4 Programmed
2013 DEARBORNE Mackinaw Palomino 4 Programmed
2013 FERTELL Sun Valley Grouse 4 Programmed
2013 KETCHIKAN Prince Edward Newcastle 4 Programmed
2013 KISKA Prince Edward Edmonton 4 Programmed
2013 LEVELLAND Sweetwater Port Arthur 4 Programmed
2013 MC COMBS SERVICE Sarah Anne Dead End 4 Programmed
2013 MENZIES Winthrop Sun Valley 4 Programmed
2013 PARADISE Alcan Tropicana 4 Programmed
2013 PEACOCK Rushing Saxon 4 Programmed
2013 PONDEROSA Palomino Dead End 4 Programmed
2013 PORT ARTHUR Sweetwater Murphy 4 Programmed
2013 POTOMAC Pheasant Quail 4 Programmed
2013 RAVEN Bomarc Dead End 4 Programmed
2013 SALEM Rushing McCombs 4 Programmed
2013 SHENANDOAH Thor Debeers 4 Programmed
2013 SIGMA Sagittarius Dead End 4 Programmed
2013 TIVOLI Deer Quail 4 Programmed
2013 TRIUMPH Salem Dearborne 4 Programmed
2013 TROPICANA Alcan McCombs 4 Programmed
2013 TROUT Wolverine Dead End 4 Programmed
2013 UVALDE Sun Valley Junction 4 Programmed
2013 VICEROY Dearborne Dead End 4 Programmed
2013 WALDORF McCombs Alcan 4 Programmed
2013 WOODBERRY Mc Combs Dead End 4 Programmed
2013 WOODCHUCK Bomarc Dead End 4 Programmed



Notes: In Progress refers to any of the following singularly or jointly.

Concrete – remove and replace of identified Curb & Gutter, Driveways, Sidewalk and ADA Ramps
–installation of identified Curb & Gutter, Sidewalk, ADA Ramps, and Alley Aprons
–installation of aprons around water valves, monuments, and manholes (after paved)

Milling–removing of existing surface course to prepare for either Surface Recycling (edge mill) or Paving (full mill)

Surfacing Recycling – elimination of weathered, cracked and unevenness of existing surface by scarification, rejuvenation, and compaction prior to the Paving process (after edge milling)

Pave – laying of new asphalt on prepared surface

Striping – installation of road markings if required after paving of street

Subgrade/base – removing and replacing of unstable base course and subgrade prior to resurfacing or resumption of resurfacing operations.

The resurfacing schedule is a plan that may be modified due to weather or other unforeseen events.


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