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Training & Skills Development
For employees only:
How do I register for upcoming training events (DDC, HAZWOPER, etc.)?
Contact Training and Skills Development at esdtraining@elpasotexas.gov. Please include your name, Kronos number, title, and date of training.
Community Outreach & Presentations
‚ÄčHow can I request a guest speaker or a presentation about programs offered by the Environmental Services Department (ESD)?
If you would like to have an ESD employee speak to your organization or school, call (915) 599-3699 or email ESDpartners@elpasotexas.gov.
What presentation topics do you offer?
The Training and Public Programs division offers informative presentations on several ESD services and topics. One of our most popular presentations is on our Curbside Collection Service which includes our revered Recycling Program. Other presentations include: How to Avoid the 10 Most Common Code Violations and Responsible Pet Ownership.  
If I am interested in hosting a speaker, how much notice is needed prior to the presentation date?
To ensure that a speaker will be available, we ask for one week’s notice. A confirmation call or email will be sent once a request is received.
Are presentations adjusted to suit the target audience? Will a class of 1st graders be given the same presentation that is given to adults and community groups?
Our presentations are modified for the target audience. The goal of the Training & Public Programs division is to ensure that the quality of information presented is understood and retained. We strive to make our presentations insightful and fun for those in attendance. For example, an elementary school presentation on Recycling would include playing the “Know What to Throw” game to educate the students on what materials can be recycled and further emphasize recycling behaviors. Interactive features enable our presenters to keep the audience engaged and make the presentation more worthwhile for all involved.
Do you participate in community events?
Yes, Training and Public Programs is also available to participate in community events, such as environmental outreach, as well as health, career and educational fairs. To learn more or to request an educational speaker, call (915) 599-3699 or email us at ESDpartners@elpasotexas.gov.
Partnerships & Public Programs
What do I do if I would like to plan a community cleanup?
Please contact Romie Ruiz with Partnerships at (915) 621-6709 or email her at RuizAR@elpasotexas.gov for ideas and guidance through the planning process.
Who do I contact to book large disposal containers for my cleanup?
Please contact Romie Ruiz with Partnerships at (915) 621-6709 or email her at RuizAR@elpasotexas.gov to make arrangements.
Do I need to complete any paperwork after my community cleanup?
Yes, you will need to complete a Post-Community Cleanup Report that will ask you to provide basic information about your cleanup such as how much debris was collected, how many volunteers participated, etc. You can find the form on our Helpful Downloads page. Please submit the form online and complete no later than two days post-cleanup to provide an accurate report.
What if I need gardening tools for my community improvement project?
Tools can be signed-out for the day at any of ESD’s five Citizen Collection Stations located throughout El Paso. The Community Tool Sheds are stocked with garden tools and are free of charge to check out for one day. You will be asked to complete a simple form and you must return the tools in good condition back to the Station before the close of business that day. For more information, visit the ESD Citizen Collection Stations page.
What do I do if I would like to participate in one of the annual large-scale, community cleanups such as Great American Cleanup (Spring) or the Pride Day Cleanup (Fall)?
Please contact Romie Ruiz with Partnerships at (915) 621-6709 or email her at RuizAR@elpasotexas.gov to register and for more information. 
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