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The City of El Paso requires that a license be obtained to own and operate a trailer court (commonly known as mobile home parks) within the City in order to promote the health, safety and general welfare of residents.

Licenses expire on March 31st of each year, and can be renewed at the One Stop Shop located at 811 Texas Ave.

El Paso City Code (Chapter 17.12) defines a trailer court as a lot, tract or parcel of land where parking facilities and accommodations are provided for one or more house trailers, when such trailers are being used for habitation or other purposes.

Some of the standards for accommodations and safety that are required at trailer courts are:

  • Twenty-foot wide, hard-surfaced driveways
  • Supply of City water and connection to City sewer
  • Solid waste collection service
  • Parking restrictions for trailers
    • Twenty-foot wide spaces
    • Ten feet between trailers, buildings, street property lines
    • Five feet from adjoining property line
  • Office building required
  • At least one restroom, shower, sink and laundry setup (laundry tub or automatic washer)
  • Fire prevention equipment (fire extinguishers and/or standpipes)

In addition to the requirements of the Trailer Court License ordinance, zoning and building standards may also apply to a particular trailer court or individual trailers within the court.


   One Stop Shop (915) 212-0104

   Inspections and Code Compliance:
   Danny Soto, Code Compliance Supervisor
   (915) 599-6290
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