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To assist in the prevention of fires at facilities that store combustible material (CM) outdoors the City Council recently revised Title 9.52 of the El Paso City Code to include updated standards.  The new regulations will take effect on March 1, 2012.
The ordinance sets outside storage requirements. It also requires that a permit be obtained from the City of El Paso Fire Department, if combustible materials are stored outside.
Combustible material is any material or solid waste that poses a significant fire hazard if ignited and will readily burn.
Combustible Material includes the following material; however, it is not limited to only these examples:
  • paper
  • cardboard
  • wood
  • plastics
  • rubber
  • fluff
For the purposes of this permit, Combustible Material does not include:
  • metals
  • non-solids (liquids or gases)
  • explosives
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