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Every day, hundreds of haulers transport solid waste, recyclables and construction & demolition material over city streets and deliver these materials to area landfills and recycling centers.
In order to ensure that these haulers maintain required standards related to recordkeeping, vehicle identification and condition, as well as, delivery to authorized facilities, the El Paso City Council revised Chapter 9.04 of the City Code, effective September 1, 2011.
This ordinance requires haulers who utilize vehicles of a certain weight to obtain a
Hauler Permit from the Environmental Services Department when collecting waste or
recyclables within the City, or when delivering these materials to a City-owned landfill.
PDF-FILE Hauler Permit Requirements
City of El Paso Municipal Code Title 9.04
PDF-FILE Self Transporters Guidance
If you are a generator of waste transporting MSW in one of these types of vehicles,
a Hauler Permit may be required by City Ordinance
PDF-FILE Hauler Permit Application
Revised: 7/23/2012; City of El Paso Municipal Code 9.04.410
PDF-FILE Hauler Permit Decal Sample
Sample image of decal
PDF-FILE Permitted Hauler Waste Information Form
Applicable to Haulers delivering Special or Industrial waste to Clint Landfill
PDF-FILE Hauler Info Sheet
PDF-FILE Hauler Permit and Franchised Hauler Questionnaire
PDF-FILE Permitted Hauler Checklist
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