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The Code Compliance Division protects the safety, health and quality of life for El Paso residents by enforcing city ordinances and codes, and inspecting residential and commercial properties that may be in violation of these regulations.
The Code Compliance Division is composed of three programs: Environmental Nuisance; Health & Safety; and Air Quality. Each program enforces specific city ordinances while educating the public on municipal code topics and compliance.
Air Quality: Provides air quality monitoring and enforcement within El Paso County.
Environmental Nuisance: This program investigates common code violations including auto repairs, commercial vehicles in residential areas, construction without a permit, garage and yard sales, domestic storage, prohibited signs, maintenance of walls and fences, off-street parking, prohibited sales, junked vehicles, maintenance and/or obstruction of sidewalks, and illegal dumping.
Health & Safety: Enforces public health and safety requirements involving permitted or licensed facilities, such as public laundries, trailer courts, public swimming pools, and tattoo studios. It also provides enforcement of the municipal solid waste ordinance including; overflowing waste bins, permitted haulers and commercial waste service. This program is also responsible for vector control activities including; inspection of privately-owned swimming pools, trapping and fogging for mosquitoes, and investigating complaints of rodent or insect infestation at commercial or residential properties.
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