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If you lost your pet you may use this pet finding information exchange service to post information about your lost pet on the City’s website. The City offers this service to the public in an effort to help reunite lost animals with their owners. All postings on the information exchange service about lost or found pets are limited to information provided by the general public.

To find out if your pet was picked up by Animal Services, please review the list of animals at the shelter or visit the shelter, at 5001 Fred Wilson Rd. (across from Ft. Bliss Cemetery). The shelter is open to the public Monday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and is closed on Sunday.

Please note: Animals picked up by Animal Services are euthanized or placed for adoption 3 days (after pick up) if they do not have a microchip or ID tags, and 6 days (after pick up) if they have a microchip or ID tag.

The kennels are located on the eastside of the property, are open for public viewing on a 24-7 basis.

Helpful Tips: Make sure you always have proper identification on your pet for a safe return home if lost. (ID should have your current phone number(s) and address.) Also, be sure your pet's microchip information is current.

Microchip your pet - it is the law.

The Find-A-Pet Community Bulletin is a service provided by the Neighborhood Connect. This site is a citizen-to-citizen, information exchange service, dedicated to reuniting lost animals with their owners. Our service is open to all citizens in our community and operates like a bulletin board. Select an action from the menu on right and follow the instructions on the page for the desired action.

Note: The information will be hosted on the website for a week, but you will be able to resend the information as many times as you would like.


5001 Fred Wilson Rd. El Paso, Texas 79906 (Right across from Ft. Bliss Cemetery) | (915) 842-1000 Phone | (915) 842-1008 Fax | Directions

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