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Animal Services Field Operations

The Animal Services Field Operations program is part of the Code Compliance Division that serves to protect public health and safety by enforcing animal laws. Animal Services Officers enforce all ordinances pertaining to animals; deal with animal complaints; and protect the public by dealing with animals as humanely as possible.

Animal Services Officers continuously patrol the city to address violations, help and rescue stray animals from owner reclaim or a second chance adoption at the Animal Shelter. They respond to emergency situations and public safety issues 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Animal Services Field Operations program also provides public outreach on animal care and assists local and state agencies with animal issues. The program educates residents about their duties as pet owners, landowners and neighbors.

Animal Services Officers provide the following services:
  • Enforcement of all city codes related to animals, including leash, vaccination and registration regulations
  • Enforcement of all licensing and permit provisions of state laws related to animals
  • Enforcement of zoonotic needs for disease prevention
  • Patrol of the community on a daily basis to help make the public aware of animal control laws and to enforce the local ordinance
  • Investigations of  animal cruelty cases and complaints related animal welfare
  • Impoundment of unregistered (unlicensed) loose animals 
  • Rescue of animals in danger or distress on an emergency basis 24 hours a day
  • Inspect commercial animal establishments and other premises that are required to have a permit
  • Public outreach related to animal laws and responsible pet ownership  
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