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In keeping with the new administrative procedures implemented in July, the
City of El Paso Professional Services Vendor List is now available.

A&E Selection for Professional Services

The City of El Paso in conjunction with industry representatives, recently undertook a comprehensive review of the policy governing the selection of professional architectural and engineering consulting services. As a result of the review process – which included industry representatives nominated by ASCE, TSPE, ACEC, AIA, and EcoElPaso. As is the case now, the City’s Engineering and Construction Management Department will continue to administer these services. Among the impacts envisioned are an improved process that:

Below for your review and reference:

  1. A letter providing a brief synopsis from Interim City Engineer, Irene Ramirez, P.E. , C.F.M., CNU-a
    Letter to Prequalified Firms
  2. The New Administrative Procedures Packet (includes a step-by-step listing of procedures, process overview chart, submittal instructions & template, score sheets and past performance evaluation form)
    AE Selection Administrative Procedures Packet
  3. The New Vendor List Form- also included in packet (Consultants will be required to submit a completed form to be added to a centralized database to receive future Requests for Qualifications. This procedure will replace the existing prequalification procedure).
    AE Vendor List Form
  4. A presentation provided at the industry workshops held on June 18th, 19th and 24th outlining the new procedures
    AE Procedures

Active Selections

Consultants interested in receiving a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) issued by the City of El Paso must complete and submit the AE Vendor Form. Please note, consultants must be on the AE Vendor list to submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ). Below please find a listing of projects with selection underway:

Project Request for Qualifications Issued Statement of Qualifications Due Status
Civil Engineering Consulting  Services  March 17, 2014 April 7, 2014 Awaiting final recommendation
Construction Management/ Construction Estimating (On-Call) March 17, 2014 April 7, 2014 Awaiting final recommendation
Geotechnical & Materials Testing  March 17, 2014 April 7, 2014 Awaiting final recommendation
Surveying  March 17, 2014 April 7, 2014 Awaiting final recommendation
Traffic  March 17, 2014 April 7, 2014 Awaiting final recommendation
Eastside Regional Park (Master Plan) June 2, 2014 June 23, 2014  
Reconstruction of Runway 8L-26R and New Parallel Taxiway, and Taxiways U & V
(Construction Management & Inspection Services)
June 4, 2014 June 25, 2014  
El Paso Zoo Event Tent  (Design Services) June 9, 2014 June 26, 2014  
ConRAC (Geotechnical & Material Testing) June 12, 2014 June 30, 2014  
Reconstruction of Runway 8L-26R and
Taxiway “U”, “V” and New
Parallel Taxiway
(Geotechnical & Materials Testing Services)
June 12, 2014 July 1, 2014  


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