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2011 City Council Proclamation - Community Development Week - 4/26/2011

On Tuesday, April 26, Mayor and City Representatives proclaimed that the week of April 25-29, 2011 shall be known as: “Community Development Week” in El Paso, Texas.

Soraya Ayub, Neighborhood Relations Coordinator for the Department of Community Development, invited the Mayor, City Representatives and the El Paso community to participate in CD Week activities. The CD Steering Committee Members were thanked for all of their dedication and service to the CDBG process and were presented with an award for their commitment.

Annette Stone, Chair of the Steering Committee, spoke on behalf of the committee and thanked the Mayor and the City Representatives for their support. Jaime Barceleau, Executive Director, Paso del Norte Children’s Development Center spoke on the importance of CDBG in El Paso. He urged the community to get involved in supporting the CDBG Program by signing the CDBG Petition to Stop Cuts to CDBG funding.

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