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Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps

The public is advised that effective May 24, 2011, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has officially placed the preliminary flood insurance rate map project for El Paso County on hold until further notice.

This temporary hold is necessary to allow FEMA the opportunity to revisit the modeling approach that was used to analyze communities that are impacted by levees that are not accredited.

Since the preliminary flood insurance rate maps issued to the El Paso community on June 18, 2010 were impacted by this modeling approach, these proposed maps will NOT be finalized until a new approach is completed by FEMA. A timeframe has not been specified, however, FEMA officials have indicated that they are working to create the new modeling method as soon as possible.

Appeal and Protest Information

Currently Closed

Information may be submitted electronically at

Or mailed to the following address:
Floodplain Administration
801 Texas Avenue, City 3
Basement Level
El Paso, Texas 79901

Individuals who reside outside city limits must contact their respective Floodplain Administrator (El Paso County, 546-2015)

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City Floodplain Services

The City of El Paso Floodplain Administration Division provides assistance and guidance to the community with regard to properties that are in or near a Special Flood Zone Hazard Area (SFHA) commonly referred to as a “flood zone”.

The Division can help you identify the correct flood zone designation, base flood elevation and floor depth for your property and provide copies of elevation certificates that are available.

Information or documents available include:

Elevation Certificates
Letters of Map Amendments
Conditional Letters of Map Revisions
Letters of Map Revision
Flood Insurance Studies
Pre and Post FIRM construction
Grandfathering rules

Flood maps and flood protection references are also available by visiting the fifth floor of City Hall or the Main El Paso Public Library. You can also call visit the fifth floor of City Hall to see if you are in a mapped floodplain. The purpose of this website is to provide some important information and resources that are available for flood protection.

To find out if your property is in a mapped Special Flood Hazard Area, for related information from a Flood Insurance Rate Map, or for advice and assistance from flood and drainage problems please contact:

Floodplain Administration Division at 915-212-1573
or via e-mail at

Elevation Certificates

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The City of El Paso forms a horseshoe shape around the south end of the Franklin Mountains and is bordered on its southern side by the Rio Grande. The Franklin Mountains rise to elevations upwards of 7,000 feet. While most of the city’s developed areas are below 4,500 feet elevation in the alluvial plains, the more gently sloped areas are formed by deposition of the mountain desert soil. The steep grades of the Franklin Mountains increase the erosive power of rainfall runoff that flows down the mountain slopes, causing the formation of natural channels or arroyos that convey water down the mountains and onto the alluvial plains. The channelization of rainfall runoff intensifies the magnitude of flow by concentrating precipitation that falls over a large area into a single location, which, if uncontrolled, can cause significant damage to any developed areas downstream.

In late July and early August 2006, the El Paso region experienced severe rainstorms. Over a period of three days, some areas received cumulative rainfall in excess of 7 inches. The resulting storm runoff was of a volume and intensity that exceeded the capacity of several segments of the city's drainage systems. The storms also triggered significant outflow from the principal outlets of several flood control dams located in the city. Your property may have not flooded recently. However, if your property is located in a floodplain, there is a possibility that it may be flooded in the future.

Did You Know?

Floodplains have many natural and beneficial functions. In our community the floodplains provide habitat for local wildlife and are critical in recharging our aquifers. It is important to protect the floodplains in order to protect our water supply as well as the local wildlife environment. The City of El Paso has an ordinance that regulates disturbance and development within the floodplain. For more information please contact the City’s floodplain office.

Flood Insurance

If you don’t have flood insurance currently, the best source of information is an insurance agent. It is important to note that homeowner’s insurance policies do not cover damage from floods. However, because the City of El Paso participates in the National Flood Insurance (NFI) Program, you can purchase a separate flood insurance policy. This insurance is provided by the Federal government and is available to anyone, even properties that have been flooded or are not in the floodplain.

If you currently have insurance coverage, double-check that the building coverage is adequate and make sure you have contents coverage. During most floods, there is usually more damage to the furniture and contents than there is to the structure.

To view the proposed Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), please see maps provided below or visit:
Flood Zone Search By Address

To view the base flood elevation notices online, please visit FEMA: Base Flood Elevation Notices

Please also see:


Floodplain Administration Office

(915) 212-1555
1-877-FEMA MAP

Floodplain Administration Division

(915) 212-1573


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