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City Attorney







Firth, Sylvia Borunda City Attorney 212-0033
Cullen, Theresa Deputy City Attorney 212-1102​
Gordon, Laura Deputy City Attorney 212-1101
Batoon, John R. Senior Assistant City Attorney 546-2993
Martinez, Maria Guadalupe (Lupe) Senior Assistant City Attorney 212-1105
Ontiveros, Bertha Senior Assistant City Attorney 212-1129
Cortez, Sol Assistant Attorney 212-1106
Estrada, Sergio Assistant Attorney 546-2989
Ferris, Lauren Assistant Attorney 212-1119
Flores, Josette Assistant Attorney 212-1125
Foust, Marvin Assistant Attorney 212-1108
Franco, Brie Assistant Attorney 212-1107
Gabaldon Jr., Oscar Assistant Attorney 212-1120
Hamilton, Kristen Assistant Attorney 212-1123​
Nieman, Karla Assistant Attorney 212-1115
Ortiz, Daniel Assistant Attorney 212-1110
Ruhmann, Elizabeth Assistant Attorney 212-1113
Samples, Linda A. Assistant Attorney 212-1127
Vineyard, Wendi Assistant Attorney 546-2987
Aranda, Josephina Senior Paralegal 212-1116
LaRue, Mary Paralegal 564-7328
Scott, Belinda Paralegal 212-1112
Murphy, Kathryn Administrative Assistant 212-1130
Greenough, Rose M. Office Manager 212-1117
Cordero, Jessica Public Records Coordinator 212-1118
Brown, Debbie Secretary 212-1121
Brown, Ruth E. Secretary 212-1103
Castro, Laura Secretary 212-1122
Cordova, Jessica Secretary 212-1123
Corral, Maria T. Secretary 546-2992
Leyva, Jacqueline Secretary 212-1128
Vela, Monica Secretary 212-1132
Weide, Cynthia Secretary 546-2991
Reimer, Shirley Senior Office Assistant 212-1111
Santana, Norma Office Assistant 212-1104​

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the differences between the City Attorney, the County Attorney, and the District Attorney?
  • Does the City Attorney represent private citizens?
  • How does one file a claim against the City?
  • Does the City hire outside counsel?