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Use of City Suite at Southwest University Park


As part of the City’s ownership of the Southwest University Ballpark, the City has ownership and access to a corporate suite for use for official business purposes. In order to ensure that the suite is utilized regularly, while also limiting its use for official city business purposes, the following set of protocols have been developed in conjunction with the City Attorney’s Office and in consultation with the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem.

Oversight and Programming of the City Box will be handled through the City Manager’s Office and/or Communications and Public Affairs Office. This would minimize conflict, particularly regarding personal versus official use, and assure priority use is addressed. Also, in the event of audits or open record requests, the CMO would be the office accountable for assuring compliance. This insulates the Mayor and Council in that regard. Ideally, some games would be booked at beginning of season to insure box is used regularly. There are 12 seats total in the box, plus 4 bar seats, for a total of 16 ticketed seats.

The suite would be made available as follows:

**Will be assigned randomly or based upon specific request – and availability

The suite would be held for Mayor and Council for opening and closing days and other ceremonial games, like 4th of July. Mayor and Council would have priority over booking acknowledging that there may be instances where the Mayor’s Office will need to have priority and then we would release games for the other internal purposes as the opportunity or need arises. Examples of district purposes would include volunteers who assist in your district satellite offices, staff and neighborhood associations, etc. The key is to remember it should be for official district purposes so we don’t run afoul of any state and city laws governing personal gifts, etc.

In order to receive tickets to the suite, each agency will provide a listing of the 16 individuals scheduled to receive the tickets prior to receiving them. At a minimum, the listing will include the individuals name and affiliation (employee, dignitary, board member, district volunteer, etc.).

Refreshments can be ordered at the evening of the game and paid at that time. Those will not be included as part of the City’s expense and will need to be borne by the participants.

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